Welcome to the home of the Northwest Firefighters Pipe Band Association. 

We are firefighter pipers and drummers from the Pacific Northwest who have banded together to form a new organization, the Northwest Firefighters Pipe Band Association. The aims of the NFPBA are to foster communication and information-sharing, develop agreements for the handling of LODDs, identify common tunes and settings for use when bands in the region play together, and organize periodic social functions. The organization is informal, with no officers, dues, or secret handshakes...but it does have a pretty cool logo.

The fire pipe band scene in the Northwest has been very collegial, with established bands  actively supporting the establishment of new bands, particularly along the I-5 corridor. The new association seeks to formalize what has been informally taking place over the last couple of years.
   While on again, off again discussions about the formation of a national fire pipe band organization have taken place in recent years; folks in the Northwest hope that doing something on a regional scale will have a better chance of success, given the ability to meet face-to-face, and may possibly serve as a model for an eventual national association.
Amazing Grace
Green Hills Of Tyrol
Rowan Tree
Scotland The Brave
When The Battle's Over
Northwest Firefighters Pipe Band Association

Many thanks to those who were able to attend the Northwest Fire Pipe Band Association meeting in February. We met from 11 to 3, and had a productive and informative time together. We had 16 people attending, representing Seattle, TVF&R, Salem, Eugene, Vancouver, Bend, and Portland Police.

Vancouver's Tige Harmon was kind enough to again serve as recorder, and expects to have some summary minutes out soon.

Tige proposed a NFPBA massed band event in Vancouver  this August in conjunction with a local fire event, and a day of clinics on various piping and drumming topics. This suggestion met with unanimous support by those present. This would be an opportunity to get as many member bands of our association together as possible for a "fun" and educational gathering. The rumor today was that there might even be beer involved.

More information from Tige to follow.